Why LISA and AI Tech Support?


AI Tech Support Ltd aims to make access to basic everyday legal services achievable and affordable for the masses of business people and consumers who, until recently, have been too reliant on, possibly felt neglected by and/or have been excluded by (whether intentionally or not), human lawyers and law firms in the UK, and across the globe.

The facts:

• 1 in 2 (54%) of all SMEs and 1 in 3 (33%) consumers in the UK do not use a lawyer and ‘muddle through’ un-represented.

• 4 in 5 (80%) businessmen and women in the USA do not use a lawyer and ‘make do’ with their legal requirements by ‘muddling through’ on their own or simply do not use a lawyer because of the following prohibitive reasons:

• Price / cost – cannot afford the market rate of human lawyers;

• Time intensive – too much time involved in liaising with a human lawyer;

• Availability – human lawyers aren’t always available when you need them (24/7/365);

• Convenience – unable to travel to meet a human lawyer in person;

• Language problems – legalese; some human lawyers might as well be speaking in tongues;

• Embarrassment – you’re uncomfortable talking with a human lawyer for fear of feeling intellectually inferior; and

• You want to do more for yourself.

AI Tech Support wants to serve you, the business person and consumer, whose need for legal service has been ‘unmet’ by the legal profession and legal industry, until now.

We wish to deliver new, improved, high quality, cost effective and time efficient AI legal services and products which benefit you to ‘help yourself’, directly; the buyer of legal services in the UK and beyond.


LISA listened to you


LISA is the outcome and answer to meet your needs – the excluded / ignored / neglected and/or frustrated legal ‘buyer’ – business people and consumers in the UK and across the globe, who wish to consume and trade in the UK and throughout the world.

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AI Tech Support Ltd

Is a private limited company registered in England (company no: 10245242)

Registered office and trading office is at 4 Beech Ridge, Kinsbourne Green Lane, Harpenden AL5 3NJ, United kingdom.

VAT registration no: 247 8046 86.