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LISA’s primary focus is to provide real access to legal services by helping to open up the latent legal buyer market and serve the excluded majority – those 80% of businessmen and women in the USA, 54% of all SMEs and 33% of consumers in the UK, and the ‘unknown’ marginalised number of people in other countries across the world who do not use a human lawyer because of the prohibitive reasons shared here.

As new legal buyers, and existing legal buyers, become more comfortable engaging with machine lawyers, such as LISA, and therefore human lawyers (as you need more advanced, delicate, sensitive and complex legal matters to be handled by a human), we at AI Tech believe more people will begin to engage with (and instruct) human lawyers a great deal more as the law expands.

Robot lawyers like LISA are NOT going to replace human lawyers entirely; well, not for a good few years anyhow. But human lawyer roles are already shifting as humans and machines work together to deliver the most oustanding legal service never possible until the vanguard of AI and machine learning technologies.

Human lawyers still have an important and great role to play in the Robotic Age as the latent legal market opens up due to the march of LISA and other AI Lawyer technologies, creating greater benefits and opportunities for both legal buyers and all kinds of legal providers; human lawyers and non-human lawyers.

Improved access to legal services…


LISA will initially and invariably be an enabler to ‘Access to Legal Services’ for businesses that, and consumers who, do not have the ability, or willing, to pay, but desperately require quality legal representation.

For many business people and consumers, human lawyers and their fees are a ‘necessary evil’. This is why LISA hopes to save you time and legal cost at the basic level wherever possible. No longer should you (citizens) need to ‘muddle through’ and ‘make do’ with templated documents or hyjacking non-bespoke legal documents unfitting for your unique circumstance.

Where LISA is not able to assist you – business people and consumers – particularly those of you who have never used a human lawyer before, and where you may require to move on from LISA’s initial help to a human lawyer’s advice at a fair price, you may be pleasantly surprised when you engage with the human lawyer.  They’re not all sharks, honestly 🙂

LISA’s ultimate goal is to support, empower and enable you to take control of your legal needs and have the choice of using LISA and / or a human lawyer to suit the full spectrum of your legal requirements and budget.


How is LISA’s tech different?


In a nutshell, LISA is NOT smart contract technology or document automation technology. LISA is NOT self executing / part of a ledger etc. LISA is truly AI Tech.

LISA is powered by Neota Logic System (“Neota”) – a no-code artificial intelligence software platform for creating intelligent online advisers or assistants, such as LISA.

In relation to AI Tech’s flagship NDA App, AI Tech and Neota worked closely with Duthie & Co LLP’s (“Duthie’s”) leading experts to capture the essence of the very best NDA agreement, modelling the questions a lawyer would typically ask and the expert reasoning a lawyer would perform to recommend the precise clauses required for a highly bespoke, comprehensive agreement. All of this is now available in an intuitive and user-friendly application – LISA.

In contrast to document automation solutions, LISA incorporates sophisticated legal reasoning and judgment of human experts so that the final NDA document is highly customised and includes only the necessary clauses and terminology. This capability is powered by Neota’s hybrid reasoning tools and inference engine. In addition, with help of Neota user interface tools, LISA is able to guide its users through the legal complexities via friendly notes and popups throughout the application.


Talking directly to legal tech geeks, investors, journalists and ‘curious others’…

Uniquely, LISA does not, and will not, take sides, as human lawyers often do. This is how and why LISA is very different from other Legal Tech AI deployed, and legal services available, in the global legal market today that are positioned to serve clients directly.

Here is what is special about LISA…

LISA is your AI Lawyer martini:

  • Available 24/7/365 – on any device, anytime, any place, anywhere in the world;
  • Accurate and intuitive – powered by a no-code artificial intelligence software platform;
  • Incredibly fast;
  • Impartial – the world’s first truly AI Lawyer that helps both sides of a legal matter, at the same time; and
  • Inclusive – no longer will many citizens around the world be excluded from basic legal help that will help them move on to greater things in business and life.


Talking directly to human lawyers now…


With emerging technologies, such as AI, your knowledge, experience and intelligence can be ‘brain-dumped’ into an intelligent machine – like LISA. Your unique brain – legal knowledge, experience, wisdom – can be captured, harvested, exploited and scaled… to benefit you, your existing clients and new clients.

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