What’s special about LISA? …


Uniquely, LISA will not be taking sides, as human lawyers usually do.

LISA has been developed by practicing qualified lawyers with decades of commercial legal practice and experience in the United Kingdom.

LISA will help you get your legal stuff done with minimum time, cost and involvement from human lawyers for basic legal matters that you may feel capable of handling yourself, with a little help from LISA 🙂

LISA is your AI Lawyer martini:

  • Available 24/7/365 – on any device, anytime, any place, anywhere in the world;
  • Accurate and intuitive – powered by a no-code artificial intelligence software platform;
  • Incredibly fast;
  • Impartial – the world’s first truly AI Lawyer that helps both sides of a legal matter, at the same time; and
  • Inclusive – no longer will many citizens around the world be excluded from basic legal help that will help them move on to greater things in business and life.


LISA will support, empower and enable you to take control of your legal needs and have the choice of using LISA and / or a human lawyer to suit the full spectrum of your legal requirements and budget.


Who created LISA? …


LISA’s AI support, talent, service and products are the result of the combined AI platform of Neota Logic, the legal intelligence of
Adam Duthie of Duthie & Co LLP, and the creativity, imagination, commercial knowledge, experience and vision of Chrissie Lightfoot,
of AI Tech Support Ltd


How is LISA possible?


With emerging technologies, such as AI, a human lawyer’s knowledge, experience and intelligence can be ‘brain-dumped’ into an
intelligent machine – like LISA
. The human lawyer’s brain can be captured, harvested, exploited and scaled… to benefit you.

This is what AI Tech Support is all about and why and how LISA was created.


Word on the street about LISA…


“A truly bespoke intelligent legal app, that’s far more than a templated legal document. Brilliant!” Mark Saggs – Consumer

“Great that I can use LISA instead of an expensive ‘human’ lawyer for our basic legal needs time and again which we could never justify the cost until now.” Richard Pollock – Shoot The Moon Ltd

“My objectives have been met, LISA is my new business angel.” Andrew Knight – Opal Image Ltd


Want to follow LISA?


LISA would love you to come and chat over on twitter @RobotLawyerLISA

AI Tech Support Ltd

Is a private limited company registered in England (company no: 10245242)

Registered office and trading office is at 4 Beech Ridge, Kinsbourne Green Lane, Harpenden AL5 3NJ, United kingdom.

VAT registration no: 247 8046 86.