The AI Tech Support Ltd website will be available in due course. In the meantime, if you’re curious about AI Tech Support and LISA read on.


AI App Legal Solutions
for business people and consumers


Meet LISA… your Legal Intelligence Support Assistant.


LISA is a robot; an AI Lawyer

LISA has been developed by AI Tech Support Ltd to help you and ‘the other side’ find a commercially
sensible middle ground for your basic legal needs and understanding whether as a business person or consumer.


LISA will help you: Because LISA understands:
– Understand the key legal and commercial principles underlying your legal problems / questions / documents which need to be considered by you and ‘the other side’. – You want your basic legal needs to be sorted as painlessly, quickly and easily as possible; in every respect.
– Find the middle ground for you and ‘the other side’ through guidance to help you move forward without the costly interference of a human lawyer on each side (if you choose). – You want to get the legal stuff done, not have it unnecessarily delayed, and ultimately you want to ‘make it happen’.
– Get your basic legal questions answered and documents drafted and an agreement achieved on terms which are fair and reasonable for both sides. – You want the legal talks, assessments, questions answered and documents drafted etc that will be of benefit to both you and ‘the other side’.
– Assess whether you fall within the law or outside. – You don’t want your human lawyer to go back and forth haggling with a human lawyer on ‘the other side’ racking up unnecessary costs for basic stuff for both of you.


AI Tech Support Ltd

Is a private limited company registered in England (company no: 10245242)

Registered office and trading office is at 4 Beech Ridge, Kinsbourne Green Lane, Harpenden AL5 3NJ, United kingdom.

VAT registration no: 247 8046 86.